Nora Fateh is teaching Shahid Kapoor’s dance Kuch Aisa Ho gaya video went viral

Nora Fateh teaches Shahid Kapoor’s dance Kuch Aisa Ho Gaya The video is very popular: Shahid Kapoor was learning dance steps from Noora Fateh, this time something amazing happened when people liked Noora’s different style. And because of this the video has become viral and people really like this video.

In fact, you can see in the video that they both seemed to be practicing dance together, both of them dancing a lot because they had to participate in an awards ceremony, so they both seemed to be dancing together. And Shahid Kapoor learns the dance steps from Nora.

You know, he’s one of the Bollywood dancers, where he sees the object song in all of his films and because of his deadly performances in every song, that song becomes a super duper hit and people love that song. This looks and is very popular with Ko and Noora, because the object song goes to all Bollywood films.

And this video goes viral In this video you can see Shahid and Noora together where we dance and Nora is seen accompanied by a bright color and wearing a black top where Very bold appears and their speech is clearly visible and Shahid Kapoor is seen wearing jeans and a shirt.


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