Noora’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media

Nura’s video seems to be becoming increasingly viral on social media: These days the video of Nura Fateh is always seen on social media and videos like her will become viral on social media, send her photos and videos again. And more and more they get involved in sharing the video and many like comments also come there.

In this way, Noora Fateh is always online on social media and uploads her photos and videos from time to time, which makes Indians very happy and is always seen sharing her photos and videos.

Noora's video is becoming increasingly viral on social media

We tell you from where the HD video is going viral, in fact the video has been taken of the airport, where Noora is going to Dubai, there is going to be an IIFA ward and this video has been taken from that which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Watching happening.

You can see Nura in this video, Nura is looking very beautiful and talking about the dress in her, here you can see rose flower in her dress and her dress looks beautiful. He is seen wearing black glasses.


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