Netflix Releases Opening Theme from Resident Evil Series Soundtrack

Resident Evil Series We are fast approaching the first preview of the new Resident Evil live series on Netflix and the broadcaster is promoting a great day with the release of the theme song of the program. From composer Gregory Reveret, the song, “Venus Flytrap,” is featured on official music coming this month. You can check out the song in full with the YouTube video below, or on your favorite music service.

From Milan Records, the album features the action music written by Reveret, a fan of Resident Evil who “created a totally different effect to the new series.” Music was recorded with a South African orchestra and Craig Macintyre of The Goo Dolls recorded the vocal line and punchy drums of “Venus Flytrap.” The song also includes “My Heart Has Teeth,” a real deadmau5 song featuring Skylar Gray. The song will be available as one on the deadmau5 label mau5trap soon.

“‘Dystopian suburbia’ is the kind of film I thought of when I performed this song,” Deadmau5 said in a statement. “It was great because I like the strange, business-like way of this organization that runs the district if you would. I just imagine what it would be like when I put together a song with the voice of Ms. Skylar Gray. She has amazing talent to work with and has just hit the words.”

“I wanted to explore and push boundaries from previous franchise sounds while bringing in exciting, action-packed points that can give fans something they can enjoy and be excited about,” Reveret said of the song. what is needed is courage, to act as a continuous thread between the two timeline lines in the story. I bought this obscure laboratory / test kit that was originally used in NASA laboratories and it should not really make music, but it sounds really fun and alive. It gave the music a cool industrial edge and eventually became a key point. ”

He continued, “A lot of the story is about my hometown in Cape Town, South Africa, so I’ve worked with local artists and recorded a South African orchestra, which I’m proud of.”

The Resident Evil series is scheduled to begin airing on July 14, 2022. The official song will go on sale the next day on July 15. Courtesy of Milan, you can check out the full list of songs below.

  • Sea of ​​Zeroes
  • The plague from God
  • Doberman
  • What happened
  • Evelyn’s program
  • Lab Search
  • My Son Is Dead
  • Venus Flytrap (Main Theme)
  • Meet Bert
  • Humvee Chase
  • Do not eat cats
  • Home Safe
  • Lickers Attack
  • The final battle
  • My Heart Has Teeth – deadmau5 with Skylar Gray

The Resident Evil Soundtrack Goes on Sale on July 15

Previously, composer Gregory Reveret has worked on films such as Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Power Rangers. He started working on the Resident Evil series in 2021. The results included a combination of heavy orchestral music, African music, and detailed use of the original laboratory equipment from the 1960s.


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