Motorcyclist is in serious condition after hitting the back of a car that was making a forbidden return on BR-277

A man was in serious condition when he crashed his motorcycle into a car on the BR-277, near the border between São José dos Pinhais and Morretes, this Sunday morning (3). The Renault Clio vehicle was making a prohibited return when it was hit from the rear by the BMW 1000 motorcycle, which was in the opposite lane.

According to the Federal Highway Police ( PRF ), the lane towards Curitiba needed to be closed so that the helicopter of the Military Police Air Operations Battalion (BPMOA) could help the motorcyclist.

Four people were in the car, two of them had minor injuries. Fernando, the driver of the car, claimed that he did not know that it was forbidden to make the conversion there.

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“There was no signage. I stopped on the other side, waited to clean both sides and went to make a U-turn. After I was on the road, I saw the broken sign saying that only operational vehicles were allowed there. I left home to do good and all this happened. The motorcycle appeared out of nowhere, hit the back of my vehicle, which got up, rolled over and ended up in the woods”, he said with emotion.

“I believe he was going over 200 km/h, because the hit was very strong. It was a very big scare. At the time, I thought everyone was going to die, because I thought that when Clio got back to the middle of the highway, some truck or car would pick us up. When it stopped running, I got out and ran to meet the motorcyclist, because I have a first-aid course. I answered, I prayed and he came back to consciousness,” he reported in tears.

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Dona Geni was a passenger on the Clio and said that they were going to make donations to an indigenous tribe in the region.

“We were entering the lane here and the guy, at high speed, with a gang of bikers, got into the back of the Clio. We were going to a friend’s house to pick him up to visit an Indian tribe. We are praying that the rider will be okay,” he said.

The driver of the car took a breathalyzer test, which did not show any alcohol consumption. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital by the BPMOA helicopter.


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