“Lucky” Alia Escapes Karan Johar’s Bash Lash

Alia Bhatt escaped Corona’s outrage at the 50th anniversary of Karan Johar’s May 25 haircut.

He left to record his first Hollywood film Heart Of Stone a few days before the party with the promise that he would be back one day to attend.

However, at the time of the shooting in England, Alia was not allowed to return to India.

“International shooting rules are different. If group members in the area no one is allowed to go. Whether Alia was required to shoot Karan Johar’s birthday or not, he was not allowed to visit the plane,” the source said.

The travel limit proved a blessing in disguise, considering the number of guests at Karan Johar’s party hosted by Covid. Imagine what a tragedy it would be for Alia Bhatt!


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