If you’re looking for a job in the UK, now may be the time to apply. UK employment figures have risen by over 290,000 in the last quarter. By June 2022, the total number of jobs held by the workforce surpassed the pre-coronavirus level of December 2019. Despite the increase in jobs, the estimated number of vacancies fell by 34,000. The number of vacancies fell to 1,266,000 in the period June to August 2022.


Vacancies in the arts

The Creative Industries Federation has warned that the UK creative industry is undercapitalised, causing a lack of diversity and skills shortages. This in turn will hamper the continued growth of the sector. To counter this issue, many employers in the creative industry have introduced schemes to improve the diversity of their workforce.

Vacancies in the tech space

The UK’s tech industry is enjoying its golden age and a plethora of vacancies are available to meet the rising demand. Over 5 million people work in tech companies and startups across the country. The rapid growth of the sector has spurred recruitment across regions, with the North West experiencing the biggest jump, up 50 percent on last year’s figures. Vacancies in the tech sector are also increasing in the devolved nations, with Northern Ireland and Scotland seeing a rise in tech jobs to nearly 20% and 13%, respectively.

According to Tech Nation, a survey of UK tech workers conducted by YouGov found that 64% said they were in need of an upgrade in their tech skills. Additionally, 26% of tech workers say that upskilling their skills will give them more job security and higher pay in the future. According to the report, demand for senior tech roles has grown significantly in the last three years. This has led to a shortage of suitable candidates for senior roles.

Vacancies in the teaching sector

The UK education sector has a high demand for qualified teachers. However, the market for secondary-level teachers is highly complex. The sector is divided into three subject areas: art, drama, and physical education. There is also a demand for specialist teachers in subjects like law and psychology. However, recruitment for these subjects may be difficult until January 2023.

The UK education sector is experiencing an increase in demand, thanks to increased numbers of pupils and departures. One important source of demand is the expanding international school sector. One UK private school is opening its seventh campus abroad in Tokyo. Another source of demand is the number of teachers who are taking career breaks. Pupils leaving state schools for private employment, further studies, or careers outside education are among the many reasons why teaching jobs are in demand.

Vacancies in operations management

Vacancies in operations management are often a great place to work if you’ve ever worked in the same industry. They are often full-time, work long hours, and may require travel. It can be difficult to juggle family and work life. For this reason, it’s important to choose a position that’s a good fit for you.

While many operations management positions require a bachelor’s degree, those with engineering backgrounds may qualify for more advanced positions. However, in order to reach higher levels, you’ll usually need a master’s degree or MBA and five to ten years of relevant work experience. Additionally, earning certifications in the field can set you apart from other candidates. The Association for Operations Management offers several professional certificates for operations managers.

Vacancies in social work

There are many ways to get involved in social care. For example, you can become a social worker and work for local authorities. You can also work for voluntary organisations. These often offer more flexibility and more responsibility. You can also transfer between sectors if you have the necessary qualifications. In either sector, there are many operational, management, and policy jobs available. In addition, you can also work for yourself as an independent practitioner.

Social workers have a variety of job duties, and require strong critical thinking skills. They also need to be able to work collaboratively with colleagues and clients. They also need to have excellent communication skills, as they will often have to deal with diverse personalities and cultural backgrounds.


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