Kelly Ripa Reveals Why She’s ‘So Grateful’ for the Topless Photo She Took on Her Honeymoon

Kelly Ripa fondly remembers her honeymoon days.

In Wednesday’s Live episode with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa shared her disgust with nude beaches after her broadcaster, Ryan Seacrest, asked her if she would visit them or not.

“No, no.

However, she expressed gratitude for a wonderful, skinny time her husband, Mark Consuelos, managed to photograph on their honeymoon.

“But I came out empty-handed for my post-wedding holiday and thank you very much – thank you, thank you,” he said, referring to a hot photo Consuelos took of himself lying naked.

“I was like, ‘How can you take that picture? The man on the photo saw me naked! And Mark is like,’ Yes, that’s fine, because you’re dealing with your own … ‘,” she recalls of her husband’s indifference. the answer compared to the surprise.

However, Ripa has indicated that he is still a valued remnant. “Did you know I used to shoot at a shoe box and say, ‘Just remember! It used to look like this!'” He said.

Kelly Ripa Reveals Why She's 'So Grateful' for the Topless Photo She Took on Her Honeymoon
Kelly Ripa Reveals Why She Was ‘So Thankful’ for An Empty Photo She Takeed During Her Honeymoon VacationLIVE with Kelly and Ryan

The 51-year-old television presenter has been outspoken about his wonderful relationship with Consuelos.

In an article released earlier this week, RIPA recounted the details of its recent parents – only, for the first time, except for their three children – Joaquin, 19, Lola, 21, and Michael, 25 – for more than two decades.

“This is our first vacation in 25 years with no children and parents. ? ‘ And the children would say, ‘What would you do without us !? We are all your lives!’ And I would say, ‘I’m not good enough, children.’

Kelly Ripa

“As it happened, we had some time in our lives. There was some work involved in this trip but that was not what we were doing. We just climbed the rocks,” he said. “We went to Amangiri [resort], Utah. It’s a luxury. It’s like, the kind of trip we can take without kids.” he added.


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