Kareena Kapoor To Katrina Kaif: These Hairstyles Guarantee A Chic Look

he monsoon season has resulted in severely hot and humid conditions. Although we like the seductive aroma of rain, the lush green fresh trees, and the cool wind, this season, like any other, has its share of hair difficulties. The monsoon rainfall is bad for your hairdo. The monsoon season provides high relative humidity, which causes hair damage such as hair fall, breaking, frizz, and far too many other hair-raising difficulties. And, if you’re anything like us, you’d prefer your hair to be off your neck. Instead of assaulting your hair with heat and hairspray, try these celebrity-approved hairstyles to save time and feel more at ease. Having your hair up in the rain during the monsoon is always a good idea.

Janhvi Kapoor

If you have long hair and dramatic bangs like Janhvi Kapoor, a messy bun will complete your outfit. Pull your long hair down your shoulders and let your bangs frame your face attractively. This style is quite simple to produce and will add an attractive aesthetic of fun and seductiveness to your outfit. Dress it down with a white shirt and denim jeans for a daytime look, or amp it up with statement earrings, red lips, and a little black dress.

Ananya Panday

You may go really vintage by sporting space buns in the style of Ananya Panday. She has chosen the most informal interpretation of the trend, space buns with tendrils. The free front parts will wonderfully frame your face, making the haircut more attractive for round and square faces. The tendrils help soften and feminine the entire image. To pull off the look, make sure your space buns aren’t too tight; the messier the better!

Katrina Kaif

If your hair is long and beautiful, similar to Katrina Kaif’s, a classic sloppy ponytail is an easy look to pull off! It’s quite adaptable since you can wear it anyplace, from the gym to a lunch meeting to a dinner date. Ditch the smooth updo in favor of an undone ponytail that will never go out of style. To get this look, make sure your hair has some grit and texture. If your hair is too clean and slick, spritz it with dry shampoo.

Sara Ali Khan

If you require more time or skill to perform a french braid or milkmaid braid, try Sara Ali Khan’s beautiful bubble braids. Bubble braids are a quick and easy way to keep your hair off your neck in this humid climate. Although it is effortless, it creates the impression that you have made an effort with yourself today. This haircut looks great with a tank top and joggers or any type of loungewear.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

A sleek bun like Kareena Kapoor Khan’s is a trendy and chic way to keep your hairstyle while still looking attractive. First, incorporate a little mouse into the roots of your hair for an exceptionally silky and long-lasting style. It is a classy haircut that suits all hair types and works especially well for persons with greasy or oily scalps.

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