‘J-Hope is Rocking’! BTS Rapper Releases New Single

J-Hope shakes: J-Hope hosts BTS ARMY with one of his previously released songs called MORE. MORE introduces a dark, almost emo-like inspiration to instrumental music and piercing music that has come as a surprise to BTS fans. THE army was on the lookout for the rapper J-Hope, so his black side was a little nervous. The music video keeps you on the edge and the ARMY has not forgotten on twitter as it demands MORE. J-Hope had previously released the theater MORE. MUCH comes with the key to a 15-second short video.

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MUCH A Visual Treat for J-Hope fans

In a short video of about 15 seconds, a key appears with the word MORE. At the end of the video as the light moves, the slower key becomes clearer, and the words MORE and the release date are added to the caption. The second image of the concept of the previously released song MORE creates a strong but profound atmosphere. MORE track also features shoes reminiscent of Pierrot and J-Hope’s kind eyes.


THE ARMY has gone crazy with the new music video for favorite rapper J-Hope. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Our sun is so scary. Jhope is moving. Aag card. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Sunshine gone Moonshine. #jhope_MORE #JackInTheBox #jhope_MoreToday. ” Someone using the network also wrote, “Good boy has gone bad.” Someone who works online wrote on Twitter, “Are you broadcasting with me! ???? Take heart when you broadcast with me. ”…




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