5 actresses who made two men hot on camera together in bed

She has warmed the bed of two men together – watching movies and web series with bold scenes on the Internet is very popular these days. Along with the best storyline, it is also quite popular to see bold scenes.

Aashq Junoon (Divya Singh)

The film Ishq Junoon released in 2016 and Divya Singh surprised everyone by giving a hot scene with Akshay Rangshahi and Rajbir Singh.

Hot Spot Fantasy Call by Ayushi Jaiswal

Ullu’s Hot Spot Fantasy Call web series is considered to be its boldest. The series is full of hot scenes between Aayushi Jaiswal and Gaurav Raj and Varun Sharma.

Mishti Basu is in the web series Charmasukh.

Charmsukh is known as the best among the best web series on the internet. Aayush Sharma and Anjani Rana gained a lot of popularity by giving hot scenes in the advisory episode of this series.

Bed Breaking (Mishti)

Mishti Basu surprised everyone by giving a hot scene with Shivam Tiwari and Mohit Kumar in Bed Tod Ke Aadhe-Adhure Love episode.

“Gandii Baat” web series actress Neeta Shetty

A campaign was started by Gandi Baat to bring hot scenes on the internet. In the first episode of season two of this show, he gave very bold scenes with two men.


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