Halsey Reveals She Suffered 3

Halsey provided a weak op-ed published in Vogue on July 1, 2022, related to her private ability to motherhood, childbirth, and several other abortions. The changing article was written in response to a Supreme Court docket overturning Roe V. Wade in June 2022.

After giving birth to her son Ender the year before, the 27-year-old singer explained that she had suffered three miscarriages in less than 24 years. i want to have an abortion, because my body could not end the pregnancy on its own and i could be at risk of getting sepsis without medical intervention. Throughout the process, I cried.

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I used to be afraid of myself and sometimes I was powerless. I used to be determined to end the pregnancy that was threatening my life, ”she explains emotionally.

“How funny it is that even though my heart is full of more than just a collection of spontaneous actions on the active desk, a heartbeat in my womb may mean I couldn’t agree to save my life,” she added. .

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