Goals and best moments Santos vs Flamengo for the Brazilian Championship (1-2)

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how is it

With 21 points, Flamengo gains two positions and steals seventh place from Santos himself, who in turn goes to eighth, with 19.

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end of story

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After a good counterattack, Gabigol plays for Lázaro. The midfielder finishes, but the goalkeeper avoids the third goal

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46′ Substitution at Flamengo

Leave: PeterEnter: David Luiz

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Lucas Braga drops a bomb on the right of the goal

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Marcos Leonardo shoots from the edge of the area. The goalkeeper holds it without problems

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Camacho kicks from afar. Santos fits in the middle of the goal

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32′ Substitutions at Santos

Out: Felipe Jonatan and ZanoceloEnter: Lucas Pires and Sánchez

20:32 5 hours ago


Arrascaeta launches a counterattack, opens with Pedro to kick the exit of João Paulo, who makes a great save. Gabigol gets the rebound and completes for the empty goal

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27′ Substitution at Santos

Out: Leo BaptistãoEnter: Ricardo Goulart

20:28 5 hours ago

24′ Yellow card to Flamengo


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24′ Yellow card to Santos


20:28 5 hours ago


Gabigol is run over by Zanocelo. The two disagree and the other players arrive. Arbitration controls quickly

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23′ Substitutions at Flamengo

Out: Everton Ribeiro, Marinho and Victor HugoEnter: Diego, Gabigol and Arrascaeta

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Zanocelo takes a low, strong free kick. The ball bounces and passes under Santos

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18′ Yellow card to Flamengo

Thiago Maia

20:22 5 hours ago


Everton Ribeiro finds Pedro in the area. Shirt 21 kicks in the back of the marking, but the Santos archer defends

20:22 5 hours ago

14′ Substitution at Flamengo

Out: VitinhoEnter: Lazarus

20:21 5 hours ago

13′ Substitutions at Santos

Exit: Auro and AngeloEnter: Rwan and Bruno Oliveira

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Everton Ribeiro accelerates with Pedro, who takes off João Paulo, loses the angle and finishes outside

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9′ Yellow card for Santos


20:12 5 hours ago


Angelo finishes cross. The ball deflects on Everton Ribeiro and goes out the back line

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Marinho takes a free-kick and sends it over the goal

20:09 5 hours ago


Marcos Leonardo shoots at speed, he curls up, the marking arrives and misses a big chance

20:08 5 hours ago


Marcos Leonardo tries to play first for Lucas Braga. It ends up making a mistake and Santos takes the round

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Output given by Santos

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first half ends

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Striker was on the hanging list

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42′ Yellow card to Santos


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41′ HU

 Lucas Braga invades the area and releases his foot. The goalkeeper makes a good save with the changed hand

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Lucas Braga is triggered on the left wing, clears the play and shoots hard. Santos claps with one hand

19:36 6 hours ago


Marcos Leonardo collapses inside the area. The team asks for a penalty, but the referee orders it to continue

19:31 6 hours ago

30′ HU

Matheusinho crosses in the area. The defense pushes away, Victor Hugo takes over and sends with danger close to the post

19:25 6 hours ago


Pedro receives from Matheusinho on the second post, misses the movement of the header and sends it out

19:23 6 hours ago

23′ Yellow card to Santos

Felipe Jonathan

19:21 6 hours ago


Felipe Jonatan raises in the area. Pablo dives to get his head

19:18 6 hours ago


Marinho sees the passage of Everton Ribeiro, who crosses from the bottom line. Pedro completes with volley

19:14 6 hours ago


Thiago Maia finishes inside the box. João Paulo holds in the middle of the goal

19:11 6 hours ago


Baptistão risks from afar, hits weakly. The round comes out to the right of the goal

19:10 6 hours ago


Marinho first seam on the right side, but ends up being stopped

19:06 6 hours ago


Everton Ribeiro shoves anyone inside the Santos area

19:05 6 hours ago


Marcos Leonardo is launched in the area, falls after colliding with Pablo, but was in an offside position

19:03 6 hours ago


Ângelo tries to push Baptistão into the area, but he exaggerates his strength. Santos takes possession

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Rolling ball

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Brazil anthem playing

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teams in the field

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end of heating

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target eye

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Heating left

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Rubro-Negro reserves

Hugo Souza, Rodinei, Wesley, David Luiz, Cleiton, Léo Pereira, Diego, Igor Jesus, Lázaro, Arrascaeta and Gabigol

18:34 7 hours ago

Flamengo with its 11

Saints; Matheuzinho, Gustavo Henrique, Pablo and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Victor Hugo and Everton Ribeiro; Vitinho, Marinho and Pedro

18:16 7 hours ago

fish bank

John, Luiz Felipe, Kaiky, Lucas Pires, Maranhão, Bruno Oliveira, Sánchez, Jhojan Julio, Lucas Barbosa, Goulart, Rwan Seco and Angulo

18:16 7 hours ago

Santos climbed

John Paul; Auro, Velázquez, Bauermann and Felipe Jonatan; Camacho, Zanocelo and Léo Baptistão; Angelo, Marcos Leonardo and Lucas Braga

18:07 7 hours ago

Eye card: Flamengo

Lázaro and Matheuzinho

18:07 7 hours ago

Keeping an eye on the card: Santos

Ricardo Goulart, Bruno Oliveira, Angelo and Jhojan Julio

18:02 7 hours ago

video refereeing

Video referee (VAR): Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (MG)Video assistant (AVAR): Marcus Vinicius Gomes (MG)

VAR Observer: Giulliano Bozzano (MG)

17:57 7 hours ago

field refereeing

Referee: Anderson Daronco (RS)Assistant 1: Rafael da Silva Alves (RS)

Assistant 2: Michael Stanislau (RS)

Fourth referee: Thiago Luis Scarascati (SP)

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When is the Santos vs Flamengo game and how to follow LIVE?

Brazilian championshipLocation: Vila Belmiro

Time: 7pm

Where to watch: Premiere

Real time: VAVEL Brazil

17:47 7 hours ago

How and where to watch Santos vs Flamengo live

In addition to the real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the live match between Santos vs Flamengo will be broadcast by Premiere.

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Flamengo likely lineup

Saints; Rodinei (Matheuzinho), Pablo, David Luiz (Léo Pereira) and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Diego, Everton Ribeiro, Arrascaeta, Gabigol and Pedro.

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Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo
Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

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Flamengo situation

By not exercising the purchase option, Andreas Pereira played the last game with the Flamengo shirt for Libertadores. Dorival Júnior  will also not be able to count on João Gomes, suspended, and Arão, positive for Covid-19. Matheus Cunha and Diego Alves were also infected by the virus. Rodrigo Caio and Bruno Henrique are in the medical department.

17:27 8 hours ago

Santos likely lineup

John Paul; Auro, Maicon (Velázquez), Eduardo Bauermann and Lucas Pires (Felipe Jonatan); Camacho, Vinícius Zanocelo, Ângelo and Bruno Oliveira (Jhojan Julio); Leo Baptistão and Marcos Leonardo.

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Santos situation

After suffering with 10 absences in the Copa Sudamericana, Fabián Bustos will have some returns to the team. Starting with John, Léo Baptistão and Lucas Barbosa, as well as Eduardo Bauermann and Ricardo Goulart, who were working on the physical part in the middle of the week. On the other hand, Sandry, due to Covid-19, Rodrigo Fernández, suspended for the third yellow card, and Madson, with a thigh injury, are the casualties for the confrontation soon.

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Fla’s latest results

Flamengo 3-0 America-MGAtlético-MG 2-0 Flamengo

Flamengo 2-0 Cuiabá

Internacional 3-1 Flamengo

RB Bragantino 1-0 Flamengo

17:07 8 hours ago

How does Rubro-Negro come?

The good victory over América-MG made Flamengo gain five positions in the leaderboard. Now, it appears in ninth, adding 18 points. Rubro-Negro accumulates two triumphs and three defeats in the last games, generating 42.9% of use.

17:02 8 hours ago

Latest results from alvinegro

Corinthians 0-0 SantosSantos 2-2 RB Bragantino

Youth 1-2 Santos

Atlético-MG 1-1 Santos

Santos 1-1 International

16:57 8 hours ago

How does the fish come?

Santos has only one win in nine Brasileirão games . With a 45.2% success rate, Peixe occupies the seventh place, with 19 points. The alvinegra team comes from two straight draws: Corinthians (0-0) and RB Bragantino (2-2).

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a point of difference

Santos x Flamengo live this Saturday (2), at Vila Belmiro , at 19h (from Brasília), for the Brazilian Championship . The match is valid for the 15th round of the competition.

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