Globo puts Vai Que Cola in the vacancy of Sai de Baixo and revives historical track of humor

After the good results of Vai Que Cola in the early hours of Monday to Friday, Globo decided to invest a little more in the sitcom originally produced by Multishow and revive the historic humor track of Sunday nights.

Starting this Sunday (10), the Marinho family channel will air the 9th season of Vai Que Cola. The attraction will go on air at 11 pm, right after Fantastic, at a time that for years belonged to the extinct Sai de Baixo.

The premiere episode will feature a lot of emotion. Called O Grande Coup do Valdo, the first act will show the eviction of the residents of the Leblon apartment after a failed coup by Valdomiro Lacerda, played by Paulo Gustavo.

Because of this, everyone from Méier returns to the traditional boarding house owned by Dona Jô (Catarina Abdala). The big problem is that the pension will have to be put up for sale, which leaves Ferdinando (Marcus Majella), Terezinha (Cacau Protásio), Jessica (Samantha Schmütz) with nowhere to go.

The situation begins to change when Méier’s gang begins to read a letter left by Valdo, where he makes recommendations for his friends to have more than enough to live on:

“This pension is our safe haven, friends and family are the most precious things we have. You are cheesy, but you are a family. Here where I am is beautiful and you need to be together” .

Vai Que Cola stars pay tribute to Paulo Gustavo in the premiere episode

The Vai Que Cola cast, including Lacraia (Silvio Guindane), Alejandro (Pedroca Monteiro), Reginel (Luis Lobianco) and Sanderson (Marcelo Médici) are moved by a message to the public.

The actors warn that Paulo Gustavo, who died in May last year after more than fifty days hospitalized due to Covid-19, is embedded as part of the program’s history and invites everyone to see a little of the “beautiful and full of love” story. ” built over the past nine years.


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