Funny Video: Girl was making reel, then the bull got angry, then seeing what happened, you will also say – I had to be brother!

Girl was making reel – Since the departure of Tiktok, Instagram has become such an addiction of today’s generation, that it is not only difficult, but impossible to get rid of it. To become popular on this social media platform, millions of people keep uploading reels every day. Who knows, when they will come in the headlines.

But sometimes some people remain as a joke because of their strange behavior. Now look at the video of this girl going viral. The poor thing had to make a fun reel (Instagram reel). But perhaps a bull (Girl and Bull) present there did not like his dances. Then what was there. That’s what had to happen. The bull got angry. Then the girl was forced to run from there on the opposite foot. So you also watch this funny video and enjoy.

In the video going viral, you can see that a girl in jeans and black top was making a reel while dancing in front of the bull, but then something happens that you will also be forced to laugh out loud by holding your stomach. . In the video you can see that the girl first poses in front of the bull, then suddenly starts showing tremors. But brother, the bull is a bull after all. He doesn’t like all this at all. The very next moment the bull comes in form and forces the girl to slip from there. So let’s see this funny video..

Watch video-

By the way, after watching this video you will also say that I had to be brother. It is obvious that if you dance in front of the bull, it will only flare up.

Here too something similar is being seen with the girl. Overall, this video is being liked a lot by the public of social media and people are enjoying it a lot.



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