“Everything that counts”: It’s over for Maximilian! Nathalie makes final decision

July 4: Nathalie does not want to forgive Maximilian

Nathalie (Amrei Haardt) is still deeply disappointed and hurt by Maximilian (Francisco Medina), but despite everything, she just can’t get away from her estranged husband. No wonder, because he is desperately fighting for his marriage and hopes that the nurse will be able to forgive him for betraying his trust and cheating with Caroline ( Sina-Valeska Jung) . 


Due to the custody war between Malu (Lisandra Bardél) and Justus (Matthias Brüggenolte), Nathalie and Maximilian are now really getting closer again – so close that they almost kiss. But anyone hoping for a love comeback will be bitterly disappointed:


Nathalie withdraws from the situation, but afterwards doubts whether her decision not to forgive Maximilian was the right one, because after all she still loves him. When she wants to text him that she misses him, Chiara (Alexandra Fonsatti) and Jenny (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) intervene. They can convince Nathalie that there is no point in giving Maximilian another chance and so the nurse makes the difficult decision that her marriage to Maximilian is history once and for all…


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