Eva Green’s 5 Best Roles

If you’ve watched  ‘007 – Casino Royale’ , you’re sure to know the name of French actress  Eva Green – and if you’ve never heard of this incredible and underrated  performer , you certainly should.

Rising to fame after co-starring in the aforementioned film, Green’s career is indeed marked by ups and downs. But that doesn’t mean the artist hasn’t delivered  memorable performances on both film and television, from her participation in  ‘ Kingdom of Heaven ‘ , as Princess Sibylla, to her acclaimed rendition in the series  ‘ Penny Dreadful ‘ , which earned her multiple nominations. .

Today, July  6th , Green turns 42 – and of course we couldn’t let his birthday go unnoticed.

To celebrate her, we’ve put together a brief list of her five best roles , which you can check out below:

5. PRINCESS SIBYLLA, Kingdom of Heaven

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Ridley Scott ‘s historic epic  may have received mixed reception from pundits, but there’s an almost universal consensus that the best aspect of the feature film is the cast. In addition to  Orlando Bloom and  Jeremy Irons , Green did notable work as Princess Sibylla, the 12th-century monarch who was married to Guy de Lusignan and who ruled the Kingdom of Jerusalem between 1186 and 1190. The actress received numerous accolades, which noticed his imposing presence on the big screen and his elegant composure on stage.

4. ISABELLE, The Dreamers

Eva Green ‘s official debut on the film scene took place recently, more precisely in 2003, with the premiere of  ‘ The Dreamers ‘ . In the romantic drama directed by  Bernardo Bertolucci , the plot follows a university student who becomes involved in a romantic triangle with a brother and sister. The actress gives life to Isabelle, part of this erotic intertwining, a character described as free and, bringing it to the present day, empowered in relation to using her body as she sees fit. Green’s rendition takes on even more layers when steeped in references to classic cinema and  French new wave , which bets on performance art.

3. SARAH, The Day

It’s quite possible that the French drama  ‘ The Journey ‘ has passed far off his radar – but no problem: it’s always time to meet one of Green’s most incredible performances. In the film, directed by  Alice Winocour , the actress plays Sarah, a woman who tries to balance her work as an astronaut, preparing for a year on the International Space Station, and her personal life as the mother of an eight-year-old girl named Stella. ( Zélie Boulant ). Green was applauded by the public and the critics and won nominations for both the César and the Lumière Award for  Best Actress .

2. VESPER LYND, 007 – Casino Royale


Green had already appeared in a few film productions before starring in  ‘007 – Casino Royale’ , but it was her acclaimed rendition as  bond girl  Vesper Lynd that garnered the most public attention and earned her worldwide fame. In the plot, Vesper is a secret agent who works directly with the English Royal Family and is assigned to supervise Bond ( Daniel Craig ), as well as funding him in a high-stakes poker game. For her performance of her, Green took home the BAFTA for Rising Star and was considered one of the best  bond girls of all time by international pundits.

1. VANESSA IVES, Penny Dreadful


No other performance by Green could top our list other than Vanessa Ives in the acclaimed gothic horror ‘ Penny Dreadful ‘ . In the plot, the actress plays a medium with incredible powers and a dark past that makes her the target of various evil forces.

Over three seasons, creator John Logan engineered one of the best characters on the television scene of the century, placing his bets on a complex woman who could only be played by Green. After all, while she takes our breath away from the first moment she appears, these are private scenes that reaffirm our passion for the artist’s undeniable versatility – and here, I make a point of punctuating the demonic possession sequences and her spectacular rendition in the final iteration. . It’s no surprise, then, that she’s garnered both Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards nominations.



Medieval fantasy series  ‘ Camelot ‘ , based on the timeless chivalric novels of King Arthur and the Round Table, was canceled after just one season – but it was enough to wring incredible performances from a stellar cast. In the plot, Green plays Arthur Pendragon’s half-sister Morgan (inspired by Morgana Le Fay), a vengeful woman who wants to usurp the throne of Camelot – and who faces, on her way, the powerful wizard Merlin, who swears to stop her. there to achieve such a feat.

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