Does Elon Musk want to buy YouTube?

Does Elon Musk want to buy YouTube? Billionaire Elon Musk stands out when he speaks or, in this case, writes on social media. In this case, the South African is also trending with a tweet that has sparked controversy over the possibility of buying YouTube.

The Tesla owner posted on his Twitter account criticizing the YouTube forum about the use and publication of various ads he is considering. fraud.

Does Elon Musk want to buy YouTube?

“YouTube seems to be a never-ending scam,” Musk wrote on social media, launching a wave of messages and responses from multiple users in his tweet. Many wrote to Musk inviting him to join YouTube Premium so that he would not see the ads. Some, on the other hand, have invited the billionaire to buy YouTube.

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The hashtag ‘Buy YouTube’ was a fast-paced trend and sparked rumors and speculation, based on the latest developments in his Twitter career.

Musk himself responded online who shared the same opinion with him. He even said he would take action to prevent Tesla’s fraudulent use for other purposes.

Amber Heard retains a gift from ex, Elon Musk

Amber Heard retains a gift from ex, Elon Musk

Another recent Musk related article is related to his previous relationship with Amber Heard, they remain friends to this day. However, Musk was not there to support Amber in the trial, especially since he has so many other things to deal with at the moment.

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Still, the actor still has a lot of respect for Elon, as he always reflects the gift he received from her.
When the two fell in love in 2017, Musk wanted to give Amber one of the cars his company Tesla was building. This is the famed Model S, which is one of the best-selling cars in the company.

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Currently, this is the leading $ 100,000 single model brand car with all the features included. In the latest photos taken by the character by the paparazzi, he is seen stepping into his black Tesla Model S to confirm the news.

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