Check Out These Hairstyles Make Your Face Look Thinner

If you have a round face, you may be interested in hairdressing and haircuts that can extend your face to look younger. You can create a simple haircut in the morning that you would like to wear all day. Obese facial hair styles are many as there are a few ways to highlight your best features and create a look that minimizes your face. Check out our favorite hairstyles for round face and hair extensions!

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1. Lob

If you have a round face, the lob (long bob) is the right haircut for you. While the bob can attract attention to your round face, the lob lowers it by providing a view of the long face.


2. Pixie Cut

You may not have thought of a pixie cut when you have a round face, but it might work for you perfectly! Women with naturally curly hair or unruly straight hair look great with a pixie cut. To stretch your face, create volume behind your head and body using a style product.

3. Shoulder Wave Waves

Shoulder hair extensions flatten almost every face and are especially attractive on a round face. The length increases your face, while the waves cut through the jungle bones, making you look more attractive.

4. Smooth, long, and flat on the face

Your hair looks stylish and enhanced when it is straight and smooth. To extend the contour of your face and head, add layers that start at the bottom of your column. The short layers are on the front face frame, so the middle part is great for this cut.

5. Long Bouncy Layers

The texture of your hair pulls your eyes down, making your face look longer. This haircut works on a round face due to the layers.

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