Aydan Şener : She Wears Her Bikini! Officially Challenged Young Girls

Aydan Şener, known as Feride, the idealist teacher in the TV series “Çalıkuşu” starring at the age of 23, is on vacation. The famous name does not neglect his Instagram account on vacation. Comments poured on Aydan Şener, who shared her bikini poses.

Defying the years with its beauty Aydan Sener opened the summer season. With the warming of the weather, the 59-year-old actress, mother of a child, took her breath away on vacation, and went before the lens with her colorful bikini and pareos. Şener, who actively uses social media, does not neglect to present the holiday pose to his followers, while keeping the words and music Ahmet Enes He also drew attention with his sharing accompanied by the lyrics of the song ‘Cennet’.

The famous actress who stoned young girls and protected her fit body,Instagram received rave reviews. Some of the comments that came to Aydan Şener, who is widely spoken on social media, are as follows: “You look like 20 years old, Ms. Aydan. Being as beautiful as you should be banned. 41 times, mashallah. The beautiful and elegant woman I have always admired is an indescribable beauty. Gorgeous woman. You are very beautiful. In the past. It continues the way you are. What an elegance. Time doesn’t touch you. It’s really from the moon because there is no such thing in the world.”


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