Asus launches the ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro

Asus has announced two new devices for its gaming-based Republic of Gamers mobile phone, ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro. Game phones for game-loving players, and enhanced displays look great.

Both models use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, and come with up to 512GB of storage. They have 6.78-inch OLED screens, the same size as the previous ROG Phone 5S, but their 165Hz refresh rates and 720Hz sample touch rates are both major improvements over the final model. It has 6,000mAh batteries, similar to previous models, and an advanced three-camera setup. The Phone 6 will start at € 999 and the 6 Pro for € 1,299 – will be introduced in the UK and Europe first, and Asus says they will be coming to the US, India and elsewhere later.

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The ROG Phone 6 comes in black and white, while the 6 Pro is only white. The main difference between the two models is the second OLED screen behind the 6 Pro, which is a good looking but rarely very functional type. You can also get extra RAM on the Pro model – the Phone 6 comes out on top of 16GB of memory, but the Pro will upgrade to 18GB. Suffice it to say the standard Phone 6 model will probably suffice for most people.

Asus explicitly tries to build a phone that you can use as your everyday device; the company has been slowly refining the design of the ROG Phone over the past few models so as not to sound “player phone!” very very much. But this is still a player phone. Most phone designs are about cooling improvements, for example, and the phrase “build a unique 360-degree CPU cooling technology” was actually made during the broadcast of the product announcement. (The steam room is now 30% larger!) Asus has even updated the Aeroactive Cooler device, which is basically just a large double-sided adhesive as a simple game controller.

The specification of the phone is as amazing as ever, especially the refresh and response levels of the display. But as always with ROG Phones, the question is: for how long? You don’t need 18GB of RAM to play even the most sophisticated games on Android. Asus has some obvious history of timely software updates, and only promises two years of Android and security updates for these devices. For a quote, you can get a device to do more phone stuff better. And since cloud games bring a lot of powerful games to your smartphone, you do not need a lot of power on the device to make it work properly. ROG Phone 6 is a cool device, but it still doesn’t seem very useful.


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