Report Now Claims Amber Heard Is Being Cut From Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Mera Will Be Recast, Her Reps Deny It

In the event you save points, the first rumor circulating that Amber Heard would be fired from Aquaman’s next song, and Mera’s character was starting to be repeated. Then, it emerged that he would be in Aquaman 2 despite a dispute over his ex-husband Johnny Depp pursuing legal action against him in a degrading suit, which he eventually won.

Recently, at a witness court in Virginia it was confirmed that Heard’s role will be limited, and his screening time will be about ten minutes. He said this was a deliberate separation of his place in the document, but that denied DC Films head Walter Hamada, who admitted he wanted to replace the 36-year-old boy, because he did not care about his role.

However, in the apparent controversy involving Warner Bros., the name from the most recent experiments was Heard’s time at Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom was extended to 20 minutes.

Until this past week, that was a sense of continuity. Now, a new curveball from Just Jared makes the situation even more confusing. The gossip website specifically reported that Heard’s condition was all around the place for his release, and it was replaced. It is difficult to say which story you should believe at this point, given all the arguments.

“Warner Bros. decided to re-enact Amber Heard’s role after the [screenshot] film. They will be re-shooting with Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman, ”said an insider. There are no unnamed actors who could replace Heard, but Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones is often regarded as her rival, as she has worked with Momoa in the HBO hot series where their chemistry was highly visible.

Naturally, Heard’s representatives denied this, and criticized it as “a little crazy.” “Rumors continue as they have been from day one – they are not accurate, they are indifferent, and they are a little crazy,” he said in a statement to People.

In response, Just Jared released a review to other sources close to Aquaman 2 when they said, “Amber has not been completely cut off from the film. She is still a minor role.” On the other hand, Just Jared stood in their first report, adding in the review “Some of our sources still say that Amber will be released again.”

Real situations can be similar to Ezra Miller’s predicament as The Flash in the cinematic universe of DC. Warner may think too much money has been invested in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to send Amber Heard to pack immediately, but he is still on loan, and will have no future at DCEU.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom return to the theater next March. Do you think we will see Amber Heard in the film for a long time, or is his poison so great that even the ignorant heads at Warner Bros.


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