6 Indian Actresses who set fitness goals this week: Samantha is killing in both Saree and Bikini

Bollywood has become a thing of the past and the actors are setting their fans on fitness goals. Recently many celebrities have shared their solidarity photos on the leading social media platforms.
Many of them have attended events such as the Pinkvilla Style Icons Awards, Movie Promotions and others. Southern singer Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sara Ali Khan in Esha Gupta who provided great ambitions for durability and fashion.


Disha is a talented gymnast who goes to the gym four days a week. She tries to visit her gym twice a day because she does not want to miss her workout and feels that the body should be kept active throughout the day. He exercises with all his weight while doing cardio.

Disha continues to share her gym and fitness photos on social media. She was recently spotted showing off her flat stomach with an orange bikini. He shared a photo he took on the screen with his followers on instagram and his twitter handle.



Easha Gupta’s handle on instagram testifies to her strong enthusiasm. The actor is known not only for his acting ability but also for his firmness. He is always on the lookout for social media because of his Pilates workout sessions.

Easha is also famous for yoga. She shared a photo of doing yoga asaan while sitting and her one leg is behind her neck, which proves her flexibility.



If you are a busy person you should visit Sara’s instagram page. She always shares enthusiastically about her fitness program encouraging her fans to stay fit.

Cardio workout was an important part of his workout program as he embarked on his fitness journey.

Sara attends Pilates and cardios but if it is a long busy day with her shooting days she prefers 45 minutes of boxing times. She shared her videos on instagram



With her daily aerobic routine, which includes cycling, Burpees, cross-training, and other exercises, Samantha chooses to visit the gym. She prepares for days to skip the gym by running.

Samantha not only relies on exercise but believes in healthy eating where she eats everything but in moderation. She takes it to instagram to share her colorful bikini photos and show off her beautiful body.



Malaika loves yoga practice and owns and operates Diva Studio. He practices yoga daily, beginning his day with Surya Namaskar, followed by Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and meditation.

Malaika never allows her physical well-being to suffer. The actor always makes sure that he eats well and drinks enough water, even while on vacation, to keep his skin looking younger and to maintain good health.


Janhvi Kapoor recently attended the Pinkvilla Style Icons Awards where she saw her wearing a black dress, now a similar pattern with a shade of blue (Urquoise Color) while releasing her next OTT Good Luck Jerry.


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