Our Complete Review of WhatsApp GB banned?

Our Complete Review of WhatsApp GB banned? Modded WhatsApp APK is very popular for the features it adds to the messenger, but it violates the app’s guidelines; find out why GB may have disappeared from your device

WhatsApp GB banned?

WhatsApp GB disappeared from the mobile phone of some users of this modified version of the messenger, as pointed out by netizens on Twitter this Friday (8). So far, there is still no information about what may have caused the sudden deletion of the APK of these smartphones, but it is possible that it is related to the devices’ protection tools – such as antivirus, for example – or to the official application’s own guidelines, since that using modified versions violates WhatsApp rules.

Today Govt Job News contacted Google , the company that owns the Android system and the Google Play Store , to understand if the deletion may, in some way, be related to the application store’s protection tools – such as, for example, Play Protect . In addition, the report also contacted WhatsApp’s advice to verify if the sudden “disappearance” of the app could be related to the messenger’s guidelines. Until the closing of the matter, the companies had not returned.


WhatsApp GB disappeared from your mobile? Disappearance affected several users this afternoon (8) — Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images

WhatsApp GB disappeared from your mobile? Disappearance affected several users this afternoon (8) — Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images

WhatsApp GB is one of the most popular messenger clones and, as it is not an official app, it only works on Android phones. This version is widely used because it adds exclusive features to the app that are not yet available in the original version of WhatsApp – such as, for example, the possibility of removing the “online” status and modifying the app’s colors.

Using this type of APK, however, violates Meta messenger guidelines and can lead to your account being permanently banned. Also, because it is installed outside the Google Play Store, this version of the app may contain malware. Get a better understanding of what WhatsApp GB is and what its risks and features are here .

Below, see the main complaints from Internet users about the disappearance of WhatsApp GB.


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