New Delhi - Continuing on the famous Kishore Kumar song from the 80s,

Taapsee Pannu brings an inspiring message to the country's youth, let the world see who you are!

I always put luxury first.I like to wear cotton clothes and especially I prefer to wear a layered look.

You could see me wearing western clothes but Indian Saree will always be my absolute favorite, "

says Pannu with her summer fashion style, adding, “Additionally,

I also like to combine all my clothes with sunglasses, as this adds to all the jazz in it. 

How does the character feel about the obvious minimalism when it comes to fashion trends right now?

"Minimalism is about expressing authenticity in the sense that little is more,"

allows the human personality to shine in the smallest detail, ”he adds.

My personal favourite and a seasonal must-have from the latest collection is the 90s’