The fame of Zack Knight and power of Nora Fatehi were enough for the listeners to take,

the viewership of the song to near 5 million on Nora's YouTube channel, with in three days.

Former Moroccan dancer Nora Fatehi has no qualms about trying new things as the diva has 

now made headlines for her collaboration with British-Pakistani singer Zack Knight.

A music video called ‘The Dirty Little Secret’ has been released, featuring the star of ‘Dance Meri Rani’, who has left fans cheering.

Zack Knight’s fame and Nora Fatehi’s strength were enough for the audience to take up the song’s 

5 million views on Nora’s YouTube channel, in three days.

Soon after its release, some music fans began to claim that the song provided the vibe of Cardi-B.

Nora Fatehi’s Dance On ‘Dirty Little Secret