Google on Saturday paid Řtefania Mărăcineanu her 140th birthday by donating a doodle.

Mărăcineanu, a Romanian physicist, was one of the foremost women in the field of radioactivity detection and research.

The physicist built the first Romanian radioactivity research laboratory on his return after working

for four years at the Astronomical Observatory in Meudon.

He spent his time researching the artificial rain he visited Algeria to test it.

He then did graduate research at the Radium Institute in Paris.

The Radium Institute soon became a global center for the study of radioactivity under the direction of Physicist Marie Curie.

Mărăcineanu began working on his PhD thesis in polonium, something Curie discovered.

While studying half the life of polonium, Mărăcineanu noticed that half the life seemed to depend on the type of metal on which it was placed.

When Irène Currie, daughter of Marie Curie,