Black Adam Trailer Release Date Dwayne Johnson

Hollywood’s DC Comics has released the first poster of its anti-superhero Black Adam. 

In this film, Ex-WWE wrestler and Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson means The Rock is playing the role of anti-superhero Black Adam.

The one who has come to earth from another world so that he can kill the superhero living here.

Although the release of the film is a little far away, but for the happiness of the fans, DC has released the first poster of Black Adam and its trailer is also about to be released.

Black Adam Poster: DC released the first poster of The Rock’s Black Adam movie on Thursday.

In which the anti-superhero character of Dwayne Johnson is being liked by the people. Let us tell you that from Black Adam,

Rock is playing the role of a superhero for the first time in his acting career. Sharing the poster of the film, Dwayne Johnson wrote that

Black Adam Trailer Release Date: DC has said that the first trailer of Black Adam will be released on Friday, June 9, 2022.

DC fans and fans of Dwayne Johnson are going to see Black Adam Trailer on June 9

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